Roller Shutters

High Quality CW Roller Shutters are not only a great Security Solution for your home, they also offer protection from the harshest of the Australian climate and weather conditions.


Your Local Experts

Tried and tested across many homes and businesses in Cairns and the surrounds, CW Rollers Shutters are made from the best quality aluminium coils and extrusions.

Built to withstand the harshest of Australian and Queensland climates, these durable and hardy shutters can be made to measure, come in array of colours and are made in Australia.

Cairns Blinds & Awnings have installed many implementations of these Roller Shutters across the region as they are the best in the market and guaranteed to perform when they need to.


A Tailored Solution

Our expert team understand the local environmental factors and take this into account along with how you use your home, specific security concerns & the style of home you want to find you the best solution.

The comfort, warmth and livability of a house should not be lost simply because you need some stronger security and protection from the elements..

Call us on 4035 5055 to book in a measure and quote for your home.


Security is Just the Start

Shutters add security and protection to your home but other benefits include:

  • Less noise Infiltration, unwanted noise from outside is reduced by lowering the shutters

  • Improves energy efficiency, shutters help insulate the property better in extreme weather

  • Protect your property in extreme weather conditions both for heat and cold, and

  • Protecting your property from the threat of impostors, burglars and other security concerns


Motorisation Options

  • Solarsmart is completely solar powered, making it an environmentally friendly option, not to mention saving you on your power bills. It is easy to install with no hardwiring and the motor is guaranteed for 5 year.

  • Powersmart control system is battery powered and fully dependent of the mains power. Easy to install with no electricians required. The motor is again guaranteed for 5 years.

  • SIMU Motorisation are the world leaders in automation. Their high performance tubular motors are ideal for many automation applications.


EasyView Roller Shutters at Cairns Blinds & Awnings

CW Roller Shutters have released the EasyView Roller Shutter for views to the outdoors. Made from extruded aluminium and transparent, UV protected polycarbonate, these shutters extend the use of your home by creating extra rooms from the verandah or patio.

The EasyView shutters are also fully retractable into a pelmet for full use of your space when you need it.


Choose Cairns Blinds & Awnings for Cyclone Rated Roller Shutters

CW Roller Shutters have a range of cyclone rated roller shutters, trademarked as Cyclonesafe. Very relevant for the northern Queensland market, CW Cyclonesafe Roller Shutters protect your home and your business from the dramatic tropical weather we experience in this state.

Cyclonesafe is guaranteed up to C4 T5 and has been tested by James Cook University. They are always operational with manual overrides and are guaranteed for 5 years.